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Breed: Yorkie
Birthdate: 2002
Owner(s): Bruce & Mary Annette

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Dear Diann,
I appreciate your arranging for Annabelle (our 11 year old Yorkie) to enjoy her beef again. She has always been a really good eater, but lately, on "Detailed Answers A Plus Nutrition" beef patties, she started balking and finally stopped eating, chewing grass and throwing-up for 2 days. When I began to work with a slightly thawed roll of your raw beef, she came, watched and again excited to watch "dinner" be prepared. Shes eating happily again. As it is, because of arthritis in her rear hips, we have to add amendments of MSM and (Rainbow Light) Healthy Motion. Shes happy-Im happy and thankful for your help.

Bruce & Mary Annette K