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Beija vom Barenberg
Breed: German Shepherd
Birthdate: January 7, 2007
Owner(s): Amy & Tony

Denver, Colorado

Two Bears Dog & Puppy Training

Beija is absolutely thriving on her Majestic Raw diet. When we transitioned her from half kibble to 100% raw, her energy level (which was already high) noticeably increased. Her eyes, coat, body and teeth are in superb condition, and she is allergy free when on the raw diet. And of course, she loves it! Incidentally, we tried another raw brand once with a lot of other ingredients like eggs and veggies added to the meat, and she couldn't keep it down - needless to say, that experiment ended quickly. We swear by Majestic Raw, and have recommended it for our friends' and family's dogs.

Amy & Tony