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Helena vom Valkyre RN BN BH
Wilderness Trailing Level 1 Certified
Canine Felony Tracking Certified
L.E.T.S. Tracking Certified
NAPWDA Cadaver Dog & Obedience Certified

Breed: German Shepherd
Owner(s): Morgan Wolf
Handler(s): Morgan Wolf
Breeder: Rebecca M. Rogers of Valkyre German Shepherds
AFS Raw Meat Diet


Erie, Colorado
Birthdate: February 9, 2007

Search and Rescue Dogs of the United States (SARDUS)
Mile High Search Dogs (MHSD)

Two Bears Dog & Puppy Training

MoxieI have a degree in Nutritional Science (from the University of Wisconsin) and started feeding a raw and homemade diet to my dogs over 12 years ago. I still can't understand how manufactured dry kibble has come to be accepted as a daily diet for dogs and cats. My three old (dearly departed) dogs ate a partial raw diet for most of their lives. Their condition kept improving with the proportion of raw and they lived long healthy lives with a marked absence of chronic illnesses. Even my little dwarf German Shepherd who had a host of congenital problems, lived to be almost twelve in good condition and excellent spirits (see photo of Moxie on a hiking trip).

My current dog is a young German Shepherd, Lena. She is from a breeder in California who has been feeding raw only for over 10 years. The breeder said that she has had no cancers in her dogs since the switch. Lena has eaten raw only since weaning and I'm sure it greatly contributes to her shining excellent health (see photo of Lena in her search vest). She also maintains a correct weight quite easily on this diet. Lena is a search dog (trailing/tracking) and has plenty of energy to work long days in all sorts of conditions. Her great vitality which has allowed me to work her in all sorts of interesting dog activities in addition to search work. We've done some herding, agility, and obedience. I've found is that in circles where dogs need to really perform, raw diets are increasingly common. I also think that raw diets support nervous system development which is as important in dogs as it is in people (see photo of Lena sporting her doggles with a good sense of humor about the silly things I ask her to do).

Lena Stunning in DogglesThe Majestic and Nature's Advantage foods are really excellent. Lena loves them - she gets really excited about each and every meal. I like the combination of muscle, organ, and bone. The patties are convenient - Lena gets one patty for each meal. The food smells and looks fresh. I like it that AFS is from Wisconsin (like me). And I love it that they've been in this business for decades. Thanks for making this food available!

Morgan W

I have participated in group obedience classes with John and Diann and I definitely credit them with encouragement and help in preparing for my first foray into performance obedience. Their classes have really helped me up my game in training and handling (and they are both fun and challenging).