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Draft Compliance Policy Guide Sec. 690.800 Salmonella in Animal Feed
FDA Docket # HFA-305
Comments Due: 12/31/2010

The FDA wants to insist that raw food have the same zero tolerance on salmonella as dry and canned food. These recommendations would require all raw pet foods to be irradiated (to kill bacteria but also nutrients) before sale.

Please look over the attachments and submit a letter of your own or at the very least submit a comment as simple as "I DISAGREE WITH THIS RECOMMENDATION AND WITH ZERO TOLERANCE IN RAW PET FOOD...PLEASE DO NOT TAKE AWAY MY RAW PET FOOD...MY PET'S LIVELIHOOD DEPENDS ON IT", as this would be equally powerful. We all know how important the raw diet is to our dogs health and do not want to have that feeding option taken away from us.

Draft Compliance
Guidance for Industry
Green Bay Pet Food's
CEO's Comments
Comment Submission Due: 12/31/2010
Electronic comments:
  • Go to:
  • Check the box next to: "Open for Comment/Submission"
  • In the "Enter Keyword or ID" Text Box type in "Salmonella in Animal Feed"
  • Click the "Search" button
  • In the Results box, look for "Draft Compliance Policy Guides; Availability Salmonella in Animal Feed; Extension of Comment Period" (should be top result), under the "Actions" column (far right), click on "Submit a Comment"
  • Then complete the fields as requested including Docket # HFA-305 listed in the notice of availability. (You may also attach your comments in a document through this process.)
  • Click the "Submit" button when finished.
Written comments:
Division of Dockets Management (HFA-305)
Food and Drug Administration
5630 Fishers Lane, rm. 1061
Rockville, MD 20852