Two Bears Pet Food
Fresh Frozen & Freeze-Dried
Raw Meat Diets for Dogs, Cats & Ferrets

Are you ready to begin feeding your dog or cat a healthier diet? Are you hungry for valid and truly health promising information on pet nutrition? It may be that you wish to feed a new puppy or kitten. Perhaps you are thinking of switching your older dog to a wholesome raw diet. Perhaps your pet has persistent dry skin and allergy problems and you are tired of high vet bills and constant medication. No matter what your canine or feline’s specific needs, Two Bears pet services, inc. has a simple solution.

Humans are the only species that intentionally cook their food. A dog’s digestive system evolved primarily on raw food with high bacterial loads. Their digestive system is short and acidic. Why change what nature wisely designed? Feeding raw meat, ground bones, and raw organ meats produces a vibrantly healthy dog with a strong immune system.

Two Bears pet services, inc. offers Majestic, Nature’s Advantage and Red Rock Raw, raw meat diets to help ensure that your dog and/or cat live a long and healthy life.

Animal nutritionists and veterinarians for professional dog and cat breeders developed Majestic, Nature’s Advantage and Red Rock Raw, raw meat diets for Dogs & Cats. They provide today’s domesticated dogs and cats with their ancestors’ preferred natural food source. These highly digestible products will produce top condition on less food than traditional cooked diets and have the natural goodness preserved by freezing. All products are free of artificial colors and preservatives.